The Journey Begins

So my Journey begins on discovering my purpose and passions in life.  In the past few days a few breakthroughs actually happened.  I’ve achieve a couple of milestones that I’ve been working hard towards and actually starting living a better and healthier lifestyle.  Coming from just working and working for the money.  Like most people in the world that are a part of the rat race, I can finally see myself distinctly getting out of the rat race myself.

It all started with developing who I was as a person.  I guess I can give a little bit of background of how I got introduced to Personal Development.

I was first introduce to personal development in high school when I was listening to different speakers at one of the events I was attending for my Youth Leadership Organization.  We were listening to people of all industries, from agriculture, to fashion, engineering, marketing, banking, and business in general.  It was amazing.  I don’t know if any in that room of 36 was as excited as I was.  I wanted to learn more, and one thing they all had in common was always developing and learning new skills, and keeping up with the world and technology.  I’m not exactly sure if that would be considered the main starting point of my Personal Development Journey, but I do know it made an impact on my life personally.

I was also introduced to Personal Development when I joined my first network marketing, multi-level marketing, company.  I loved the idea of residual income and having both financial and time freedom.  I was so hooked to the idea, that I did everything I could to improve myself.  I went to every successful person in the company I was in and started asking each and every one of them, what can I do to get to where they were.  They all told me follow the system, and develop yourself as a person.  So, I sought out to learn more and more, whatever it may have been.

I started having this knack of picking everything I wanted to learn and going head first into it until I burnt out.  It was an amazing experience as I started discovering more of what my life was all about.  I started seeing my life in a different perspective and discovering who I was as a person and who I was becoming.

One windfall I had was burning out.  When I went headfirst into an area, I’d excel at it for a period of time, until I finally burnt out from what it was that I was doing.  So I started finding a way to keep myself from burning out by doing multiple things but instead of just focusing on one thing I’d set aside time for each subject or area that I wanted to study and excel in and make sure I allocated time for each area so that I wouldn’t allow myself to burn out.

Now this took a lot of discipline because there would be times where I didn’t want to read the articles, call the mentors and ask questions, or even practice the skill I was trying to master.  It’s tough creating a habit of something, but what I did realize was that once I retrieved a desired result, I all of a sudden became hooked like I was in the beginning.

So I figured if I could obtain a result in a speedy time frame that I could keep myself at a roll.  I guess we will see how this method works out in the coming weeks and months, and I’ll definitely let you guys know how it’s going.


In the mean time, I’ll let you guys in on a few books that one of my personal mentors had me read.

Think & Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill

Richest Man of Babylon By George Clason

The Richest Man Who Ever Lived by Steven Scott

Secrets of The Vine By Bruce Wilkerson

Until Next Time!

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