2016 Ending With A Bang

2016 has been quite the year with several amazing toys ranging from interactive furry friends to board games such as the Hatchimal, Skiwampus, Mario Party on 3DS, Ozobot Robot, and so much more. No matter what toy you pick, you know it’ll be more fun than repairing garage doors in Lakewood, CO! However, out of the top rated toys of this year the best and most anticipated toy of 2016, is the Hatchimal.

hatchimal x 2016

This wonderful and interactive toy, the Hatchimal by Spin Master, is similar to the 1990’s Furby. Both are very popular amongst all ages who either crave the nostalgic feeling or for children who can have an interactive pet at their hands.
The Hatchimal comes as a mysterious egg which later hatches on its own after 30 minutes of consecutive play. Each Hatchimal is separated into two different families, Draggles and Pengualas, which can either be male or female. Once the Hatchimal hatches from its egg, the fun begins. Each Hatchimal has stages of growing starting from baby, toddler, and ending with kid. By the loving touch and care you give to your furry friend you help them grow and by doing so they allow you to know how they’re feeling through rotation and glowing eyes.

The Black Friday Door BusterThe Hatchimal was so popular it sold out within minutes online and within the stores. During Black Friday select stores were given a limited quantity for first-come-first serve customers (Door Busters). The original price the Hatchimals are sold anywhere from $81 to $139. However, during Black Friday this deal at Walmart was exclusively sold at $48.88.

If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas or Birthday gift for your child or even for yourself, this is one deal you can’t pass up. Although the Door Buster deals may no longer be available these furry little friends are definitely worth the cost and time. You can find them anywhere on their website, Ebay, Walmart, or even Amazon. The possibilities are endless!