Rubik's Cube

Hello from the 70s: Toys Kids Used to Love

The 70s was an interesting period, and we at Johns Toys Store want to celebrate it! A decade of disco dancing and really weird clothes, which had an interesting impact on other spheres of life, including toys. If you need an example of that, think of pet rocks. As they say, a true marketing genius can sell you anything, and you really have to be one to sell rocks to kids.

Another example of 70s toys is Rubik’s Cube, which is still here now. That used to be an ultimate challenge for kids, however, it wasn’t easy to solve one. Kids used to spend hours, trying to conquer at least one side of that cube.

The 70s was rich in brainy games, such as Boggle. Boggle allowed kids and adults to play together and learn new words. The game truly united different generations! However, there were many other games, like Hungry Hungry Hippos, that has those little marble pieces that used to fly away during the game. That game was created purely for entertainment.

During the 70s the first “alive” baby doll appeared. That completely changed the world of every little girl in the US. Alive dolls that could pee and poo were a miracle of that time.

And of course, there were many others, including popular Star Wars figures, which were collected by both kids and adults, as well as Nerf games.