Top 5 Toys from the 90’s

The 1990’s was the generation of a new rising in technology, games, fashion, and beginning of current trends today. Whether you’re interested in seeing the latest and the greatest toys of the 90’s or want to take a trip down memory lane, this is the place to do so.



90's tom

This little handheld device was one of the most played with toys since its initial release date in 1996. Made in Japan this hot item was all the buzz with the children in the United States because it included a virtual pet which you could feed, maintain its health, and happiness. This taught children of all ages how to maintain and care for a pet in a virtual sense, that was fun and travel size for convenience. Whether you are hiring someone, going on vacation, or even going to a friends house you could always bring this friend along.


Etch A Sketch

90s etch

Although originally this toy was released in the 1960’s, many generations continued to use it throughout time; especially the millennials. This toy was fun and let children use their own imagination. While the Etch A Sketch was limited in mechanics and only having two buttons, the device would allow users to develop a lineographic image onto the screen. Endless pictures and pure fun was made from this baby boomer toy.



pooch 90

The Poo-Chi was a fun interactive robotic dog that came in 4 different colors including purple, blue, pink, and green. This pooch made sounds such as barks, growls, and whines by patting a square button on the top of its head. They also came with a plastic bone in the same color as the Poo-Chi itself. However the Poo-Chi wasn’t the only robotic pet on the shelves, the Baby-Chi, Cat-Chi, Dino-Chi and many more were also available for purchase. Although the product was released in the year 2000, the number one buyer was to the 90’s generation.


My Little Pony

mlp 90

While My Little Pony was invented before the 1990’s and loved by many generations before, the most popular time it was widely known was around this time period. With a new design, called generation 1, and a brand new TV series, the plastic and rubbery My Little Pony horse dolls were one of the best selling products of its time.  My Little Pony is still selling today, however questionable as to whether today’s model and remake is better than the rise of the 90’s. 


Easy Bake Oven

easy bake 90

Another creation from the 1960’s traveled its way to the 90’s generation and continued to be a continuous success. With this item you could cook different types of pastries and came with small round pans and plastic spatulas. The design was close to that of an actual oven but was safe for children’s use, being powered by a 100-watt light bulb. The Easy Bake oven is still widely sold in the stores but of a different design and other added ingredients.



Were these toys what you expected or what you would’ve considered on your “Top 5 List”? In the meantime I hope you got an insight of what the hottest selling 1990’s toys were or went back to the future and revisited great childhood memories.